Posted on Jun 9, 2020

Osrevo Towing Services(pty)ltd Or Tushia Towing Services trading under Tshwaneos Businesses (pty) ltd

Old clients and new clients,due to covid 19 we decide to play a major role during this pandemic as we are giving our clients a 30% discount on our services as everyone Or most of us/clients are trying to adjust during this tough times,
Do you need a towing services,call us ,do not hesitate as we understand that no one was ready for this pandemic as it came as a shock to everyone,We are ready to help you and remember that that Osrevo towing services is the same company as Tshwaneos Businesses(pty)ltd trading as Tushia Towing Services.
Any queries contact us @
Osborne 079 057 1920 24/7!!!


Osborne S. Tshwane/Managing director
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